Client Testimonials

Leaf Hall Community Kitchen – Free Friday take aways

Cornel – “I would like to express my gratitude for your volunteers and your hard work, it is an amazing service really needed in these tough times.”

Jessie – “Thank you for everything. May the lord bless you and your team for all your efforts.”

Donald – “Thank you very much your food is amazing each week.”

Kaya – “Thank you for providing delicious food for those you provide for.”

Tania – “These meals look smell and taste amazing Clare, thank you so much.”

Kateryna – “Good evening Clare! Came home from work and now I have a delicious dinner! Thank you so much.”

Chafia – “Thank you so much for the food Clare, it was really yummy.”

Hi Clare,

I am writing to thank you specially for the loads of sumptuous meals you offered us for free. May you remain richly blessed. May you find favour before people that matter. Warm regards from my family to you, Amen. Have a very sound sleep.

Women’s Refuge – Hastings – 5 Week Cookery Course

It means so much to me that I have Clare come and invest some time in “me”. Not only does she contribute to my wellbeing, every week I long for a Wednesday. Clare’s personality restores my faith in myself, her entire personal just allows me to feel “worth it again” …. I’d actually forgotten and neglected cooking for myself. I was bordering on a relapse with my lifetime eating disorder but knowing that I matter really counts. It matters a great deal to me.

When I landed in the women’s refuge, I could hardly stand, I cannot emphasise enough how important it was for me to have hope and a vision of one day being able to meet basic needs (without help), to use my own money to buy food that will enable me to sustain a future on my own, a brand new attitude and one that I deserve.

Thank you Clare.

I quite enjoy the cooking sessions on a Wednesday since the beginning because Clare is very supportive and helpful. The steps and procedures of cooking are illustrated very carefully, which enabled people to follow them easily.

I can’t appreciate Clare enough as it has helped me build my confidence up and it has helped my wellbeing, mental health.

Thank you Clare.

What difference does our service mean to you?

It makes me feel supported, welcome, like there’s a community that cares, that I’m not alone, and of course I’m fed!

I am very grateful for my care and understanding by the staff and especially Clare. The food is prepared and cooked lovely, thank you.

I don’t have to worry so much.

The service is invaluable to me, a lifeline in the cost of living crisis.

Really helpful in a time of need.

It helps me feed myself otherwise sometimes I go without.

The food is great, and I meet people to talk to.

It makes a significant difference due to the cost of living crisis.

Your service makes a whole lot of difference to me.

It is the nicest and healthiest meals I have all week. They are so friendly and kind. Clare is exceptional in what she does.

Your service ensures myself and my children have eaten.

It’s a safe warm space for me to be in, and the volunteers are lovely with my children.

It’s nice to see people. I’ve only got dogs at home.

Makes me feel good in the community.

Makes me feel supported in the community.

A lot, there would be times when I would be lost without this service. Amazing staff, very welcoming.

Healthy food.

Peace of mind.

Makes caring and giving happiness and support

Helping me with food in this umemployment situation.

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