Leaf Hall Community Kitchen

The problem

Times are very hard for people at the moment with the costs of living crisis. Food costs are rising every day. Fuel prices are hitting the roof. Many are struggling to feed their families, and themselves.

The solution

Leaf Hall Community Kitchen brings residents together to be part of the solution. Each Friday a group of local volunteers meet to cook for others in need. We cook 3 x different dinners, giving people healthy and tasty homemade food for the whole weekend. We try to maintain the highest standards of delicious food for all. Clients come to Leaf Hall at lunchtime and collect their weekends food. Volunteers eat together at the end of each session and celebrate that day’s achievements.

Since April 2022 we have served up over 8000 delicious dinners to those in need!

Free Friday Takeaways are available for collection from the venue from 12.30-1:15pm. To order your free take away please text Clare on 07902 214809 saying your name, number of adult portions, number of children’s portions, ages of children, and if you are vegetarian. Once you have collected the first time, a text “do you need help with food this week?” will be sent to all involved individuals each week to allow those in need to still have available assistance. Any spare places are then offered to Eastbourne Foodbank clients.

If you want to come and cook as part of the team, please email clare@ourneighbourhood.org.uk

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